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100 Mile Club

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings and afternoons, your child(ren) can come run on the track to earn more laps. 5 laps on our track will equal a mile, so they really do add up quickly. Kids can come all six chances a week, or just come once a week, the choice is yours. 

Times to run are:

MONDAY          7:40-7:55 and 3:10-3:30

TUESDAY         7:40-7:55 and 3:10-3:30

THURSDAY      7:40-7:55 and 3:10-3:30

We must have the registration form filled out and the registration fee* paid before your child can run. We started on October 10, 2022, and will continue throughout the rest of the school year.  IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO JOIN!

*Scholarships are available. We want everyone to have the opportunity to be part of our club!